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Our Mission

Led by the Holy Spirit, SCF is committed to being a visible presence of Christian love and unity, growing in faith in our Lord and savior Jesus Christ and witnessing this faith through service to the needs of the community and the world.

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Services held each Sunday
at 10:00 a.m. at the:

Holy Trinity Catholic Church
18143 Cottonwood Road
Sunriver, OR 97707
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Office: 541-593-1183

Days: Mon,Tues,Wed & Fri
Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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Pastor's Letter

June -- 2017



Dear Family,

What grew out of discussions during the Tuesday morning men’s group in 2007 is continuing to be realized through SCF’s Scholarship Program, Partner­ship in Education. Numerous ideas were shared in response to the question – “How can we help indi­viduals break the poverty cycle, particularly those living in South Deschutes County?” Among the many ideas suggested, one especially stood out – educa­tion is a major key to help individuals obtain a better future. Realistic that this idea was no “magic wand” solving all personal economic challenges, the men knew, nevertheless, that achieving higher education/ technical training is well documented as an im­portant contributor towards breaking the poverty cy­cle. This became the conception for a potential scholarship program.

Rev. David Grissen, an SCF Associate Pastor at that time, was asked to draft a scholarship plan. His proposal was presented to the church Management Board in the spring of 2008. After much discussion, the proposal was unanimously approved with the stipulation that the program needed to be self-sustaining with no inclusion of its operating expens­es in the church’s annual budget.

Unfortunately, the unexpected economic down­turn later in 2008 and into subsequent years, post­poned launching the program. In late 2010, with the economic outlook showing more positive signs, the scholarship plan was revisited and I was asked by the Management Board to reactivate it. In the spring of 2011, the program was introduced to local gradu­ating high school seniors and $5,000 was awarded among six recipients that June.

This spring the program enters its seventh year offering scholarship assistance to both South Deschutes county young people and adults.

There are two scholarship categories. The first scholarship is for young people who will be graduat­ing this spring from high school or are currently in high school.

The second one is for adults going back to school in preparation for a career change. Both scholarships are targeted specifically to “local, Sunriver area neighbors.” A Scholarship Commit­tee, which Don Udlock and I co-chair, manages the program. Additional committee members are Harry Hamilton, Shelley Kempf, and Bill Taylor.

One important feature of both scholarships, and often missing in other scholarship programs, is the opportunity for a recipient to reapply annual­ly up through the completion of one’s program, whether their goal is a Certificate, Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree. Currently, ninety-three scholar­ships have been awarded. Thirty-three recipients have reapplied at least once, and several of these have continued to reapply. As of this past fall, $107,950 in scholarship assistance has been awarded.

A primary goal of the program is to see recipi­ents graduate. After offering scholarships for the past six years, this outcome is beginning to occur. At present, four have received an Associate’s de­gree and five their Bachelor’s degree. Several re­cipients are scheduled to graduate this spring.

As earlier mentioned, this program is self-sustaining. The committee works diligently to se­cure grant monies, solicit both individual and busi­ness donations, and plan special fundraising events. Such an event will be occurring on Friday, May 19, 6 p.m. at HTCC. Look for the article in this newsletter sharing the specific information regard­ing that event. Please consider not only participat­ing but also inviting someone from the community to hear about the program.

The Partnership in Education program would not have achieved its current position without the support and help from many members of our SCF family. Thank you for your faithful generosity and encouragement throughout these first six years. It’s making a difference.


In faith,