Pastor’s Letter – Sept 2021


Slow but sure progress is being made towards validating both the physical and financial viability of SCF purchasing the Sunriver Fitness and Aquatics Center’s “academy building”. The goal continues to be that of presenting the proposed purchase to SCF congregation for final approval sometime in November. It is difficult to set an exact date for this congregational meeting until we know how Deschutes County will view the viability of the proposed subdivision of the property. Wade Watson has been working with a number of vendors to determine the costs of the renovations that will be needed to make the building suitable as our church. We expect to have more detailed cost estimates in the late September timeframe.

The generosity that our congregation has shown in this first phase of our capital campaign has been overwhelming. The total pledge commitments now total over $1.22M against our original goal of $900K. Our goal has been exceeded in each of the 5 years of the campaign. This generosity will allow us to possibly do more renovations sooner or enable some level of reduction to the currently planned mortgage. Please remember that all gifts, large and small, are needed to support this vision of a new church for our congregation.

  •  Joe Huseonica and Wade Watson

BYLAW CHANGES to Support Absentee Balloting
The SCF Managing Board has approved changes to our Bylaws that will permit absentee balloting on issues that require approval of the Congregation. The changes and the process for voting will be presented for review and approval at a brief congregational meeting to be scheduled after services on September 26. Currently, you must be present at a congregational meeting to vote. This prohibits those members who are ill or traveling from having a voice in our congregational decisions. This change to the Bylaws is intended to remedy this situation.