Pastors Letter May

The entire process to subdivide the property and close the purchase of SCF’s new home took much longer than anyone anticipated. However, we were able to obtain the County’s final approval of the Partition Plat and record it and the reciprocal parking agreement on April 14. Closing of the purchase then occurred on April 22. At long last, we finally own SCF’s new home.

ORW Architecture has been working on design of the sanctuary since early February and submitted the Building Permit application and associated drawings on April 25. We anticipate receiving the Building Permit by mid-July.

R&H Construction has been providing input to the project and preliminary construction costs since Fall 2021. Now that the design drawings are more complete, they are in the process of receiving bids from various subcontractors. Negotiation of the construction contract will occur during May and June so that construction can begin after the Building Permit is received.

This project has had more twists, turns and obstacles than most projects I accomplished during my career. There were plenty of opportunities for discouragement along the way but also many moments of significant inspiration, such as the following:
• The response in pledges to the Capital Campaign far exceeded anyone’s expectations. The generosity of the congregation is overwhelming and demonstrates everyone’s commitment to the perpetuation of SCF. Thank you to all who have invested in the project.
• The enthusiastic involvement of many SCF members in various volunteer committees engaged in preparation of the building for our use is exciting.

Clearly, everyone wants to be involved in creation of our new home.
It has been my privilege to serve in a leadership role for this project and I am very grateful to all who have participated and provided critical assistance along the way. Our combined efforts will ensure the perpetuation of SCF and our various ministries. We are doing God’s work.

Wade Watson

Tearing down walls to create the second floor worship space.