May 2022 COVID Updates for Services

Dear Family,

COVID continues to remain a threat to the well-being of everyone, even those who have been vaccinated and received both boosters. All of us know someone in the congregation who has experienced a recent COVID illness and, in our membership demographic, this is an important issue that we must thoughtfully consider.

The “Oregon Health Authority” has recommended, though not mandated, the return to wearing masks indoors.
It is a wise precaution as numbers and exposures are on the upswing. For us as Sunriver residents, it also commands our attention as we prepare for the arrival of summer visitors.
It is important to remember that as we begin using our own home for Sunday services, the temporary worship space is a much smaller room than what we have been using at SHARC and chairs will be placed much closer together.

Wearing masks while attending worship will remain a matter of personal choice and comfort unless the recommendation from the Oregon Health Authority changes.
However, the Worship Committee encourages that masks be worn when attending services and requests that masks be worn while singing during worship starting Sunday, June 5th, our first service in SCF’s new home.

Thank you for your participation in keeping our family of faith safe by adhering to these guidelines. It is a demonstration of the concern and respect each of us have for all enter our doors on Sunday mornings.

Linda Smith