Prayer List – September 2022

If the Lord has you on hold… hold on!
If the Lord has said “NO” to you… thank Him!
If the Lord is molding your heart and mind… go with His change!
If the Lord opens doors that you have been asking Him to open… Praise Him!
Be blessed wherever you are in your life today!  God has His hands on the situation!

Pray for our First Responders, Medical Teams, and their family members. We also lift up for our farmers, fishermen, field workers, truck drivers, grocery workers, and all who work to provide food for our tables.

As a board, we have decided to publicize the first name and last initial of those in need of prayer, and not identify why for privacy reasons. Thanks for your prayers for your fellow SCF members and understanding.

  • Aedan
  • William L.
  • Marianna W.
  • Olivia L.
  • Bergen B.
  • Rich
  • Nicholas & Michelle B.
  • Dick & Marianne A.
  • Paul M.
  • Melanie W.
  • Ken S.
  • Mike F.
  • Joe H.
  • Shirley S.
  • Beve K.
  • Keith L.
  • Amber F.
  • Mal M.
  • Peter G.
  • Susan S.
  • Peter S.
  • Karen C.
  • Betsy M.