Pastor’s Letter – October 2022

Some more priceless wisdom from our wonderful friend, Dr. Fred Craddock

I had absolutely no interest in buying a car when I drove into the lot where dozens of used (preowned) cars were on display. My purpose was to do the owner a favor. Let me explain.

Every day between home and work I passed this car lot. These “like new” automobiles were shown to the public with their prices in large letters on the windshields. From time to time the cars were moved around, with exception of one car. Always in a favored spot was a real eye-catcher, an Olds Cutlass Supreme, a canary yellow convertible with black interior. Price: $300.00. Must be some mistake; one zero omitted, but even at $3000.00 it looked like a real steal.

One day it occurred to me that some buyer would see the mistake and offer the $300.00 to the horrified but helpless owner. I drove in to warn the owner of the mistake so he could prevent a huge loss. But he said there was not a mistake, $300.00 was the price. It can’t be; what’s wrong with it? I kicked the tires, checked the odometer (165 miles), searched for evidences of being wrecked or flooded, turned on the ignition and listened. It hummed like a hive of bees. O.K., what’s the catch?

This car does have one unusual feature: it will take you not where you want to go but where you ought to go. Really? Yes. How many owners? One. Do you have his phone number? Yes. I called and verified the strange truth about the car. What’s it like to have a car like that? Absolutely horrible, he said. One Saturday I missed my tee time because I was at a nursing home visiting with the residents. One evening I missed dinner with friends because I was ringing the Salvation Army bell for 3 hours in front of Macy’s. I recall a Sunday when my wife was away, I drove down the street to get a paper and six pack and that crazy car took me to church and Blessed Assurance.

I noticed the other day that the car is still on the lot. The price has been marked down to $30.00. Interested? – FBC

Dear Family,

As we enter into October and our month of concentrated stewardship or the use of our time, talent, and treasure for 2023, I was struck with Dr. Craddock’s article. Have you felt the nudging, he so creatively talked about, in your own time: giving up a tee time or a game of tennis to clean the highway? Or refraining from buying something special but unneeded and instead gave those dollars to Care and Share without even being asked?

As you reflect on what pledge of dollars you might give to SCF for 2023 and how you might divide up your time and talent in the coming year, take a few minutes and reflect back on how you felt deep on the inside—the joy that filled you—after you gave in ways that you had not planned. What you did know at that moment is that your gift of time, talent and treasure mattered: you were co-creators with God to help bring the kingdom of heaven to earth. Every gift counts, every person matters.

As we prepare to move into the whole of our church building in December, in the sanctuary and offices, we will need folks to sign up for committees that are new to us. For example, we have been renters for our whole existence and thus, had no need for a large buildings and grounds committee, in the past.

Please look closely at the Time & Talent form when it comes, as we will need your help. If you find yourself leaning out on the “Godward” side, acting and giving in generosity that was beyond logic, did you notice what carried you there? Was it by chance an Olds Cutlass Supreme, canary yellow convertible with black interior?

Blessings, Nance