Pastor’s Letter – November 2022

Welcome to fall!! As nature begins its preparation for the deep sleep of winter, SCF enters a season of incredible excitement. Activities on our calendar include the Visions of Sugarplums sale, preparation for Thanksgiving and Advent, the opening of our long-awaited new sanctuary, and the celebration of Christmas. It will be a very busy time through January of 2023.

The Managing Board also has a set of tasks to be accomplished, the most important of which is to create the 2023 church budget. Guided by the work of Joe Amos and the Finance Committee, the Board will seek to balance the many needs of our new home, determine appropriate personnel compensation, and fund the ministry and missions requests that have been received. As you have experienced in your own lives, inflation is a nasty beast, driving up the cost of nearly all things, which will also impact our expenses next year. You are a vital part of this process by returning your pledge commitment for 2023. Thank you as you share your treasures, as well as your time and talent, in support of the good works of Sunriver Christian Fellowship.

One action of the Managing Board that will begin with this newsletter, is to provide a summary of the most recent Board meeting. This month’s update is provided by Roy Green. Please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Board if you have questions or concerns about any action the Managing Board has taken, is considering, or should be investigating at a future meeting.

If you were present or listened to the worship service of October 30th, you are aware that Pastor Nancy has announced her retirement date as June 4, 2023. This necessitates the formation of a Pastoral Call Committee to begin the work of seeking a new senior pastor for SCF. It is a detailed process and, in my opinion, must be the work of the congregation and not the Managing Board. Each member has a voice that needs to be heard as we shape the future of SCF. If you have a desire to serve on the Call Committee, please let any member of the Managing Board know of your interest in participating in this important work.

It is vital that I express to each of you my sincere gratitude for your faithfulness in the life of Sunriver Christian Fellowship. Whenever there has been need, our membership has risen to the challenge with time, talent, and treasure, usually in excess of the need. It is particularly evident in the ownership of our new home and the generosity that brought this dream to fruition. As we approach Thanksgiving, let us acknowledge the blessings God has poured out on us, which, in turn, allow us to be a blessing to others.

Be held tightly in God’s loving embrace,

Linda Smith, Managing Board President