Visions of Sugarplums Bake Sale Information

Visions of Sugarplums 2022
November 18th – 19th Baked & Frozen Food Donations


  • Friday November 18th – Location: SHARC – Drop off Baked Goods –
    9:00 A.M. until 12:00 Noon. Please bring things in “bulk” containers with
    your name on them. We will package things. Please clearly label the name
    of your goodies and whether they contain any allergens such as nuts. Also,
    mark if anything is gluten-free or dairy-free. Since we are at the SHARC
    this year, we have refrigeration available for things like fudge sauce, etc. If
    you plan to donate things that need refrigeration, please let us know by
    Nov.1st , so that we can make sure they are listed on the “sales floor” and
    available to pick up at the cashiers’ tables.


  • Saturday, November 19th – Location: SHARC – Drop off Frozen Food
    Items no later than 8:30 A.M. Please let us know by Nov. 1st , what you
    are bringing so we can make sure it is on the white board as well as our list
    that we hand out to customers and priced, ready for the sale. If you need
    quart containers for soups, chili, etc, call Diana Gustavson 612-770-7706. I
    will also be bringing some to church every Sunday. Also, if you make soups,
    etc. in quart containers, please put the labels on the TOPS of the
    containers. Please include directions for your Frozen Items, including
    cooking or thawing instructions. Cover with clear packing tape so moisture
    doesn’t cause the ink to run. Any containers that are not picked up on the
    19th will go to SCF to be claimed.

    When you drop off your goodies, we will have a sign-in clipboard for your
    name and e-mail so we can send you a thank-you note.

    This will also help us to re-connect you with any containers that you leave
    with us.

    Note: If you are leaving town and/or need freezer space, please contact us. We will
    make arrangements for pickup of your items.
    Diana Gustavson –, (612) 770-7706; Ronda L Floyd –, (704) 497-1447

    If you are interested in Volunteering, please call Diana Gustavson –
    612-770-7706 or Ronda Floyd – 704-497-1447 – There will also be a sign-up
    sheet available after Sunday services at SCF every
    Sunday in Nov.

    We thank you in advance for your support!!