President’s Letter – June 2023

Random Thoughts from the Managing Board President

You may be wondering why I am writing this lead article in the SCF Newsletter this month. You might remember that in the May Newsletter Pastor Nancy announced that her first page article in May would be her last. Obviously, that left a void as to who/what would be printed for June. Well, the truth is, it was suggested that it might be appropriate that the President of the Managing Board write the June first page Newsletter article. So not wanting to do “something inappropriate”…here goes, as I sit at my desk in our den in the wee hours of May 24!!

My first Random Thought ……..

  • I am thinking about yesterday’s Managing Board meeting in which, after opening devotions, the members of the board celebrated Pastor Nancy’s birthday. We sang ‘Happy Birthday’ and passed out cupcakes after Nancy blew out seven candles on her personal cupcake. This act of acknowledgement is but a small token of our appreciation for all that Pastor Nancy has done for Sunriver Christian Fellowship. I cannot begin to list the contributions that Nancy has provided SCF and our community in her past 30+ years of being our Senior Pastor.

My second Random Thought ……..

  • The legacy that Pastor Nancy leaves behind as she retires is phenomenal: from SCF’s humble beginning with a handful of people at the Nature Center to now having its own worship building. But it’s not just about a building. It’s about God’s gift to SCF when he provided our community with the person who would/could lead our band of followers in a humble and creative way to be an ecumenical ministry that has stood the test of time.

My third Random Thought ……..

  • ”God’s work, our Hands” What has SCF done to better the world? Many things; not only in our community but throughout the world. Our outreach is nothing short of remarkable. I cannot make a short list of what SCF does in the realm of outreach because it is a long list: Endowment Fund, Scholarships, UPCAP, Care and Share, National-International, Wheelchairs, Living Room Ministries to name a few!

My fourth Random Thought ……..

  • We have been blessed with worship, music, community and fellowship that is life changing. Embrace it and thank the Lord that he has put you in this wonderful place we call SCF.

My fifth Random Thought ….….

  • The Managing Board wishes to thank Patty Smith for her many years of service to the Managing Board as the recording secretary. Patty you will be missed, but congratulations on yet another retirement!

My sixth Random Thought ….….

  • How are we doing relative to our Transition/Call process? We are moving forward at a pace that our overseeing Synod and Diocese believes may be a bit “fast”. But we like our pace and thanks to the Transition/Call committee we are on track to make this endeavor seamless. It is a challenging process, but it is ours and Nancy’s wish that SCF’s transition to new Pastoral leadership be efficient and effective.

My seventh Random Thought ……..

  • We are still under construction and probably will be for months/years to come. Thanks to your generosity and untold hours of volunteer and contractor work we have a beautiful sanctuary and the makings of improved fellowship hall, kitchen and offices facilities. A special ‘shout out’ to Wade Watson and the late Joe Huseonica, whose visionary efforts and follow-up work set the foundation for the excellent worship home we now enjoy.

My eighth Random Thought ……..

  • We at SCF have accomplished much. We even rose to the challenge of purchasing a new place of worship during COVID; began remodeling it and completed the Sanctuary in what I consider record time. Our congregation has done great things for SCF, our community and God’s earthly creation. But we still have challenges that will require us to “roll up our sleeves” and pitch in. I look forward to SCF’s next chapter!

My ninth Random Thought …..….

  • An additional item to celebrate. On July 15, 2023 Pastor Rob will mark his 50th year of ministry. Many thanks to what Rob has contributed to SCF and all the other ministries he has served in those 50 years!

My tenth Random Thought ……..

  • SCF has been blessed with having an outstanding group of retired pastors to share their wisdom and worship contributions for many years. Our church is a better place because of their diverse teachings and enlightening worship benefactions!

My last Random Thought ……..

  • To each of us. Don’t lose Nancy’s phone number. Call her up to invite her for a pickleball game, or for coffee or dinner or a walk, etc. But if it’s church business (after June 4) call the church office or Rob’s cell phone: 541-408-1567. Her cell phone number will remain the same, but now it is a personal phone! So, I am going to close this article by saying that even though we all should take a bow for doing God’s work here on earth, the maestro of this endeavor we call Sunriver Christian Fellowship was/is The Reverend Canon Nancy McGrath Green. We will be forever indebted to her. Nancy, enjoy your well-deserved retirement!!!

-Gene Krueger Managing Board President