SCF Update

In-House Service Safety Protocols Information:
     1.  In-House SCF services at HTCC begin Sunday, May 16, 2021, 10:30 am.
     2.  At present, a maximum of 50 can attend a SCF Sunday service indoors
             based on the available seating capacity at HTCC.  This number will be
             adjusted as new updates are received and you will be notified.
     3.  Everyone attending a service must wear a mask upon arrival to HTCC
              and throughout the service.  At the beginning of the service, worship
              leaders on the altar area may remove their mask during the service
              but put it back on at the close of the service.
     4.  For maximum safety, seating will be based on an attendee's covid
             inoculation status:
               + Sanctuary – if you’ve received both inoculations.
               + Children’s Chapel – if you’ve received only 1 inoculation.
               + Library – if you’ve received no inoculations.
      5.  Anyone wishing to attend a service must preregister with Pastor Rob
                during the week prior to the service they wish to attend either by
                phone (541-593-1183) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  A reply
                will be sent if you emailed to assure that your message was
                received and you’re on the list.
      7.  Preregistration for our first in-house service begins Monday, May 10th
      8.  When you preregister, please indicate both the names in your party and
              the “inoculation status” of each person.
      9.  Everyone is to enter HTCC through the front door.  After checking in,
              those who have had either one inoculation or no inoculation will be
              asked to enter their respective room by its exterior door.
     10.  In the sanctuary, an offering plate will be located near the front door and
               another at the exit door nearest the kitchen.  An offering plate will be
               placed in each overflow room.
      11.  Communion will be served (bread only).  Prior to its serving, the
                celebrant will give specific instructions regarding communion
                distribution if you wish to participate.

However, you can continue to view our pre-recorded YouTube button weekly worship service. 
Each service is recorded on Saturday and available for the following Sunday morning.  
 Please click this link:  Alternative Worship

Thank you and blessings,

Pastor Nancy

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