Prayer List

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Prayer Needs

▪ Al & Karen Tweit
▪ Andrew & Nicholas Barthelemy
▪ Susan Weber—dealing with Parkinson’s
▪ Aedan—great-grandson of Karen Newcomb, birth defect
▪ Bernadine & Jim Foster—cancer & heart issues
▪ William Lamberton—grandson of Sandra Rodgers, in long-term recovery; assault
▪ Maxford—grandson of Harriet & Max Yandt; Acute Flaccid Myelitis
▪ Charlene—sister of Chuck Carey; fighting cancer
▪ Ellen Rau—fighting cancer
▪ Steve Rau—recovery from broken ankle 
▪ Rich Charles—struggling with dementia
▪ Audrey Charles—undergoing cancer treatment
▪ Marianna Wiper—fighting pain
▪ Tom Sandefur—dealing with cancer
▪ Patsy Christopher—dealing with cancer
▪ Joan Lewis—recovery from a broken jaw 
 Randy Horn—recovery from 4 cracked vertebrae
▪ Dave Grissen—dealing with cancer
▪ Bill Taylor—dealing with cancer


Prayer List Updated - February 1, 2019 

Pray for our military and our military family members.


If the Lord has you on hold... hold on!
If the Lord has said "NO" to you... thank Him!
If the Lords is molding your heart and mind... go with His change!
If the Lord opens doors that you have been asking Him to open... Praise Him!
Be blessed wherever you are in your life today!  God has His hands on the situation!

NOTE: Please send or call Rob with any additional names
you want to be remembered,
or names to be removed from 
both the
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