Pastor's Letter

September -- 2018


Dear Family

A Message from Joe Huseonica and the SCF Managing Board

The update on the HTCC "Planning for the Future" process, in which they are determining the overall feasibility of their Bishop's requested direction for the building, is simply that there is nothing to report. Recent inquiries to the HTCC leadership have yielded no new information other than their process is continuing and they hope to reach a feasibility finding in the coming weeks. The Managing Board remains aware that time is waning with our existing lease and will continue to keep the pressure on HTCC for an answer on direction.

The next area of an update has to do with the process that the SCF Finance Committee and the Managing Board uses to determine our operating and ministry budgets for the coming year. Historically, we have first come to you with a stewardship pledge request without knowing what our financial needs would be for the coming year and then we have fit the budget requests into your pledge responses. This has meant that in some instances we have not been able to fully fund the requests for certain operating expenses and outreach ministries because the pledges did not support the requested budgets.

A new process has been defined by the Managing Board wherein we will begin the budgeting process for the coming year prior to the stewardship process by requesting proposed budgets for each of our operating expense categories and each of our outreach ministries. These individual budget requests will be fully vetted and approved by the Managing Board, rolled up into a total budget and then presented to you before the stewardship pledge process begins. These process changes will allow you to fully understand the financial needs of our congregation prior to making your stewardship pledge commitment.

Over the coming weeks, prior to the stewardship call in October, you will see the Managing Board reach out to each of outreach ministry team leaders and request that they prepare and submit for review and approval, their budget requests for the coming year. Once the stewardship pledge process is completed, the Finance Committee and the Managing Board will reconcile budget requests and the results of your pledge commitments.

As we have in years past, the Managing Board will then present this completed budget to the congregation for final review and approval at the annual meeting

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