SCF Member Pictorial


SCF Member Pictorial

(Alphabetically - Last Name)

Updated 10/09/21
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mark chris baldwin
Chris & Mark Baldwin
paul  mary bartholomee
Paul & Mary Barthelemy

 sherida bendfield - george blankenship
Sherida Benfield &
George Blankenship

jim jo bergmann 
Jo & Jim Bergman

bischof-jodie bruce
Jodie & Bruce Bishop
shenny allen braemerAllen & Shenny Braemer doris brannanDoris Brannan
frank barbara brockerFrank & Barara Brocker
dave gail buhalyDave & Gail Buhaly

 smeage -dennis - bette butlerBette Butler &
Dennis Smeage


 gary shirley carlson
Gary & Sue Carlson

linda dick chapin
Linda & Dick Chapin

 chuck patsy christopher
Chuck & Patsy Christopher
 nat  linda collier
Nat & Linda Collier
ray betty cook
Betty & Ray Cook
 janice dost
Janice Dost
 nancy richard farnham
Nancy & Richard Farnham
 birdie ghormley
Birdie Ghormley
 robin barbara goffrier
Robin & Barbara Goffrier

kenny cheryl griffiths
Cheryl & Kenney Griffiths


 liz haberman
Liz Haberman
michal haller
Michal Haller

hamilton-harry oralee
Oralee Harry Hamilton

hanson-alice dick
Alice & Dick Hanson

janet henton
Janet Henton

heise-randy sally
Randy & Sally Heise 

dave sallie hennessy
Dave & Sallie Hennessy

susan  joe huseonica 
Susan & Joe Huseonica

al sue husby
Al & Sue Husby


 paul patti knollman
Patti & Paul Knollman

bill and donna kopacz
Donna & Bill Kopacz


Mary Link
Mary Link

john marlys lysaker
Marlys & John Lysaker
 monica mack-linda smith
Monica Mack & Linda Smith

 laurence dawn maclaren
Laurence & Dawn MacLaren
karen newcomb
Karen Newcomb
northcote-phil  andrea
Andrea & Phil Northcote
 tom claire ped
Tom & Claire Ped
 rob carolyn pearson
Rob & Carolyn Pearson

Scott and Stacy Pyatt
Scott & Stacy Pyatt

gina rosbrook 
Gina Rosbrook

john  linda salzer
John & Linda Salzer

lenora salomon
Lenora Salomon
susan scrivens
Susan Scrivens

ted cathy searle
Ted & Cathy Searle

skovholt-brynn laurie 
Laurie & Brynn Skovholt
smeage -dennis - bette butler
Dennis Smeage & Bette Butler
 linda smith-monica mack
Linda Smith & Monica Mack
jay yvonne smith
Yvonne & Jay Smith
roger  patty smith
Roger & Patty Smith

gerry elizabeth stearns
Gerry & Elizabeth Stearns

lloyd diana swenson
Lloyd & Diana Swenson

terry gina tjaden
Terry & Gina Tjaden
 terry carol thomas
Carol & Terry Thomas

vicki don udlock 
Vicki & Don Udlock
 jane doug vakoc
Jane & Doug Vakoc
vogle-bob barbara
Bob & Barbara Vogel
 wade  karen watson
Karen & Wade Watson

katie wayland
Katie Wayland

bob susan wells
Susan & Bob Wells

carol toby webb
Carol & Toby Webb

jim-louise wilson

Jm & Louise Wilson


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