Pastor's Letter

June -- 2019


 Dear Family,

Kay Sharp and I had the privilege to sit in conversation with our four acolytes: Kyleigh Emerson (13), Rebecca Henderson (12), Jayden Emerson (11), and Max Turbyne (10) who serve our altar faithfully with both discipline and concentration.
I asked them questions and took notes on their answers. Listen to their wisdom.

Who is God?
Father, Creator of Earth, Friend, Family.
Who is Jesus?
God’s Son, our Brother, God’s flesh and blood, the One who died for our sins, our Sacrifice, Teacher, and Mentor.
Who is the Holy Spirit?
The Spirit of Jesus after the Ascension. The Spirit around you all the time.
Have there been moments and/or places when you have felt the spirit of God or Jesus within you?
Yes, in church.
One Christmas Eve, when I looked at the poster of God, I felt something (power) within me.
Yes, the sense of joy I have felt at times.
Yes, after the death of my great grandparents, I felt them walking near me.
Yes, in the portrait of Jesus at the back of the church; I look at Jesus and his eyes resonate with mine. (Pastor Nancy: I have the same experience looking at the painting; my eyes gravitate to the eyes of Jesus and I feel a connection.)
What is the best part of being in church?
The people! They lift you up.
Holding the plate.
Helping people by keeping the plates filled with bread.
What is the least favorite part of church?
If I am questioning, it is harder to connect to the congregation and to God. The people just need to be the same: be there for me.
At Christmas time with lots of clothes on, the robes are really hot!
What is the hardest part of the service?
Remembering what order to light the candles and who is lighting the candles!
Who is going to church camp this summer?
Hopefully, Kyleigh and Rebecca are going to Art Camp at Camp Lutherwood.
Jayden will be going to Sports Camp at Camp Lutherwood.
Max will be going to Episcopal Combined 3-5th Grade Camp at Ascension School.
(Thanks to SCF’s UPCAP committee, there will be some scholarship dollars for the cost of these camp experiences)
What do you do to keep happy?
Be with friends. And when a friend becomes rude, you have to decide not to take the comment seriously and personally. Take a break from that friend. Take time for myself and meet new friends. After a break, seek that friend again and ask why do you do this? When the friend says that he/she has been bullied also, then the hurt is gone and you can be friends again. We are different but we need one another. We will never solve any problems until we lean into the truth that we need each other. 
What are your dreams?
Excited about the future.
I am saving money for college and then I want to go to law school.
After high school, maybe military college, or fashion college and then law school.
A lawyer.
A robot builder.
What are your favorite classes?
Social Studies
Online science and health.
Science of force and motion.
What about school do you want to change?
Dress code!

I am thrilled by the answers of these four acolytes. If this is indicative of kids in their generation, we are in good hands! 



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