Pastor's Letter

January -- 2020



Since early September of 2019, when we received a proposed lease extension from Holy Redeemer Parish, the SCF Managing Board has worked diligently to research and evaluate a number of site options that would provide adequate space and amenities for our congregation. Unfortunately, the research did not reveal a site that would appropriately serve our needs as a congregation. That effort culminated on December 8 with a presentation from the Managing Board to the congregation recommending that we sign and proceed with being a lessee of the HTCC building. The terms of the lease extension are shown below:

TERM: The existing lease is extended one year beginning January 1, 2020, and ending December 31, 2020.

EXTENSION PERIODS: If the lease is not terminated in 2020, then the lease shall be extended for an additional year ending December 31, 2021.

NOTICE OF TERMINATION: Landlord and Tenant each have the right to terminate the lease by providing six (6) months’ notice in writing specifying a termination date. Termination notice may be given anytime during 2020 or the extension period.

RENT: The fixed portion of the rent shall be $2,000/month.

VARIABLE COSTS: Tenant shall pay Landlord, as additional rent, Tenant's share of variable costs as set forth in the Lease and its Supplements.

CARPET: Tenant shall pay Landlord $4,000 for the new carpet installed in 2017. If the lease is not terminated in 2020 and extended to 2021, the Tenant shall pay Landlord an additional $1,000 for 2021.

CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS: SCF has no obligation to participate in any future capital improvements.

Given that SCF will now have a window of opportunity to further explore our long-term options for a home; a comprehensive planning process will be launched in early January to look at all possible directions. The Managing Board will begin the process by convening an evening “think” meeting to foster discussion and feedback from the congregation as to your vision for our future. The Managing Board will then use that input to set a focus for our planning efforts.
Joe Huseonica
SCF Managing Board President

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