Pastor's Letter

November -- 2019


Dear Family,
Viewing creation from the Bible, we see an endlessly giving God. The exiled and wandering Hebrews of the First Testament have something to teach us. Their first understanding of God was not one of infinite power who created the universe, even though we read it that way in Genesis 1 and Genesis 2. The Hebrews’ first understanding of God was the One who was ever-present. 

God was with them. 
God delivered them from the brickyards of bondage in Egypt. 
God led them through the wilderness, not for 40 hours, not for 40 days, but for 40 years! 
The same ever-present God was made manifest in Jesus of Nazareth and he came into the world in the vulnerability of a baby. He lived his life as a suffering servant, and he had to die, every inch of him had to die before he could be raised to new life. Here in this apparent weakness, we received a clear glimpse of the power of God. 
What God seems to be telling us in the Biblical story is that if we want to understand Divine power at work, then we must throw away our human understanding of what power is and center on the way Jesus lived and the way Jesus died. The New Testament revelation of God’s power has never been “I will save you from suffering and pain.” Rather, its answer has always been, “Lo, I am here with you, even unto the end of the age.” 
The God we worship is an ever-present God in the darkness and the light, and the very fact of that Presence means there is never darkness which is too dark. The Cross is central, and it is so because it is there that we can look into the very heart of God and find that Love that never ends. 
As we continue to move into lease negotiations with Holy Trinity and as we hear of its decision to no longer take contributions to Care & Share to feed the hungry, may we remember that there is never a darkness which is too dark and may we embrace the alternative plan for Care & Share articulated by Jane Boubel. 
Help Us Stock the Care and Share Pantry
   As a congregation, we are all aware of the policy changes that have deeply affected our community Care and Share food distribution program. Most recently the Care and Share program has been told it may not collect food and household items in the entry area or back hallway of the church.
   With careful consideration, your UPCAP Ministry and its two Care and Share Board Members have developed a plan to “Stock the Care and Share Pantry.” Beginning November 10 and every 2nd Sunday of the month, SCF volunteers will pass out fabric shopping bags to members of our congregation who want to fill the bag for the food distribution program. The bags are to be returned the 3rd Sunday of the month and will be placed in a truck or SUV type vehicle. Additional volunteers will transport the food bags to the Care and Share storage unit in the Business Park, to be distributed on the last Friday of the month except for November and December when the schedule flexes for the holidays.     
   Volunteers are needed to pass out the bags on the 2nd Sunday and provide vehicles to receive the donations on the 3rd Sunday. If you are interested in being a part of this ministry, please contact:
Sandy Young email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  541-848-9920   or
Chuck Carey email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  971-241-9168.   
   The program also needs financial donations to provide the facility, pay utilities and purchase food and cleaning items. You can make your checks out to SCF/Care and Share and all donations will be forwarded to the Board Managed, 501(c)3 Care and Share Organization.
   Let’s all work together to support this community-wide effort to Stock the "Care and Share" Pantry! 

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