2022, A year of significant accomplishments

The property subdivision process commenced in mid-2021 and was finally completed in late April 2022. This allowed the property purchase to be consummated immediately thereafter and construction permitting to begin. Construction permits were received in late July and construction began.. Construction of the new sanctuary and associated improvements were completed in mid-December allowing celebration in time for Christmas.

Gratitude for the inspirational design, timely progress and high-quality construction work is due to ORW Architecture and R&H Construction. Both firms have been excellent partners with SCF in creating our new home.

Substantial renovation work of the building and property has also been accomplished by eager volunteers from the congregation. Ongoing participation by volunteers is anticipated in the future to maintain our new home.

2023 projects are expected to include construction of Andi’s Kitchen, the Fellowship Hall and offices. Plans have been completed and permit applications have been submitted. R&H Construction has begun the process of obtaining subcontractor bids and identification of the anticipated contract price. The objective is to begin construction in April and complete work in the Summer.

Subject to the availability of funds, other projects will include replacement of aging heating and air conditioning units and other maintenance items deferred by the previous owners. This work may commence in 2023 and will continue into 2024 and 2025.