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There are many areas where you can share your talents and be part of our community.

Take a look, and if anything peaks your interest, give us a call or download and fill out the Share Your Talents form below and drop it off at the next Sunday service.

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We would love to have you!


  • Church Management Board  |  Gene Krueger, Chair (206-384-7067, boxcar14849@gmail.com)

Purpose:  Manages the operation and ministry of the church in accordance with the church’s Vision Statement and By-Laws.


  • Bake Sale  |  Diana Gustavson, Chair (541-633-7936, prg1us@yahoo.com) & Ronda Floyd, Co-Chair (704-497-1447, rondafloyd@gmail.com)

Purpose:  Serves as a fundraiser for the SCF outreach programs by conducting an annual Bake Sale & Holiday Gifts event called Visions of Sugarplums.  Workshops are offered throughout the year in preparation for this event.

  • Building & Grounds Committee (NEW)  |  Dave Drescher, Chair (503-475-5500, dnadrescher@gmail.com)

Purpose: Oversees maintenance of SCF building and grounds. This includes removal of snow and ice to provide safe access to the building, and working on landscape beautification projects. The committee also manages contracts and agreements for elevator maintenance, the HVAC system and fire alarm monitoring. The Committee coordinates directly with the Safety and Security Committee and the Building Usage Committee to provide seamless management of our home.  This committee is responsible for identification and management of ongoing maintenance and repair requirements for the facilities.

  • Communications Team  |  Mark & Cindy McConnell, Chairs (541-270-9784, mcconn@bendbroadband.com)

Purpose:  Provides information about SCF through brochures, news articles, signs, and advertisements in the Sunriver magazine.

  • Congregational Care  |  Pastor Rob Pearson (541-593-1183, sunrivercf@gmail.com)

Purpose:  Provides practical and emotional help to our parish family. This may include: providing homebound SCF members with personal visits, phone calls, or letters; providing nourishment for SCF members who are ill or are recuperating after surgery through Meal Train; offering spiritual help to members experiencing loss or physical setbacks through prayer and prayer shawls; and providing help and presence through training of the Stephen Ministers Program.

  • Education Team  |  Pastor Rob Pearson, Chair (541-593-1183, sunrivercf@gmail.com)

Purpose:  Offers a variety of personal and relational growth opportunities (topically and by way of format) to stimulate holistic transformation and renewal of SCF members through study, prayer, and the grace of the Holy Spirit.

A Sunday School program for children is provided during the worship service that is age-appropriate in content and presentation.  Additional learning opportunities for children will be considered if capable and committed staff are available.  Due to the current Covid challenge, a Children’s Sunday School program will not resume until spring 2022.

  • Good News Team  |  

Purpose:  Supports and promotes activities which spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.  This includes supporting selected mission efforts at home and abroad, and offering opportunities to bring a spiritual witness or enlightenment to our congregation and local area.  Each supported mission has a champion to communicate with the mission and regularly report to the congregation.

  • Hospitality Teams:
    • Special Events  |  Gina Rosbrook, Chair (541-593-2663, ginarosbrook@yahoo.com)

Purpose:  Provides coordination of special events, i.e., memorial services, birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions.

    • Sunday Coffee  |  Sally Heise, Chair (541-390-0027, sheise@greywolfstudios.com)

Purpose:  Provides, on a rotational basis, refreshments for the weekly after worship service coffee time.

Purpose:  Provides a summer fellowship opportunity for both regular SCF members and newcomers to enjoy the warm Central Oregon summer season and get better acquainted with each other.

  • Membership Team  |  Jenny Long, Chair (541-593-4055, usna03@gmail.com)

Purpose:  Presenting SCF as a welcoming and inclusive church for newcomers and to enable them to learn about our community and ministries through New Member Classes.  We will support newcomers through the membership process towards making a commitment to our congregation at the New Member Recognition.  We encourage and enable new members to discover their serving gifts and share them within and outside the church.

  • Cans for Care and Share Team  |  Mark McConnell (541-270-1313), Co-Chair & Bette Butler, Co-Chair (541-647-7982)

Purpose: This crew of volunteers empties the collection bin for Oregon Deposit cans and bottles at the North Store every day of the week. Members of the crew take on a particular day of the week, sometimes sharing that day with another crew member. The funds collected are donated directly to Care and Share (tracked through UPCAP) and are used to purchase the fresh foods needed for food distributions to those in need. The average annual contribution to Care and Share exceeds $10,000.00!! 

  • Music Planning Team  |  Pastor Rob Pearson, Chair (541-593-1183, sunrivercf@gmail.com)

Purpose:  This committee plans the congregational music for weekly and seasonal worship services, working in conjunction with the Worship Committee.

  • Wood Ministry  |  John Salzar, Chair (541-420-1931)

Purpose: From the cutting of trees to the splitting of logs to the delivery of wood to a person who would otherwise go cold through the winter, this is a most rewarding place into which to put your time!

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  • Outreach Team

Purpose:  Encourages the sharing of time and talent and encouraging congregational participation when there is practical need (i.e. Care & Share, Habitat, Free Wheelchairs, etc.).  Plans and disseminates funds covering two broad areas:

  • UPCAP (Up Close & Personal) Jane Boubel, Chair (541-593-2641, JaneBoubel53@gmail.com)

Meeting needs of our local area families and children (primarily food, clothing, shelter, medical, and transportation).  Works directly with Three Rivers School to support students and families.

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  • National-International Terry & Gina Tjaden, Co-Chairs (Terry: 626-675-7100, Gina: 541-489-7599, tjadentg@hotmail.com)

Supporting charitable activities and needs outside our immediate area and overseas.  Each outreach agency SCF supports must have a “champion” that provides information to the congregation regarding the ministry’s purpose and work.

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Purpose:  Awards scholarship monies to college-age young people and adults living in the Three Rivers-South Deschutes County area who are seeking higher education opportunities for a better career future. The Scholarship Committee is responsible for the promotion, fundraising, interviewing applicants, and awarding scholarship monies to individuals based on both need and academic merit.

  • Seniors Support Ministry  |  Barb Purcell, Chair (630-881-8225)

Purpose:  Designed serve the needs of senior adult members of SCF. We want to ensure that no one is lost or forgotten even if they are confined at home or in an assisted living facility.  The Seniors Support Ministry exists to help provide direction and support for the spiritual, emotional, social, and physical well-being of our senior members including assistance with transportation and post-hospital visits.

  • Stewardship Ministry  |  Gene Bennington, Chair (541-948-6209, gene@benningtonproperties.com)

Purpose:  Conducts the annual Stewardship campaign which includes: (1) coordinating all aspects of the annual pledge for money, (2) provide church members the opportunity to identify specific service areas in which they would like to participate through the Time & Talent form, (3) assist and encourage outreach and philanthropic activities, and (4) coordinate with the Finance Committee to develop the annual budget and with the other Ministry Teams to place members on Ministry Teams.

  • Worship Team  |  Pastor Rob Pearson, Chair (541-593-1183, sunrivercf@gmail.com)

Purpose:  Ensures that our worship services bring Glory to God, claim Jesus as Lord, are Eucharistically-centered, and are welcoming to all who worship with us.  This ministry coordinates all worship and music activities.


  • Finance Standing Committee  |  Joe Amos, Treasurer & Chair (541-948-9848)

Purpose:  Ensures the prudent management of SCF financial affairs.  This includes: (1) prepare an annual financial budget, (2) monitor the status of the budget, (3) make recommendations on financial matters, (4) coordinate with the Stewardship Ministry team, and (5) maintain necessary records.

  • Endowment Fund Committee  |  Wade Watson, Chair 

Purpose:  Oversees the designated funds that have been donated to SCF for long-term ministry.  The interest earned from the fund is the only monies used for ministry opportunities.

Purpose:  Serves as the Episcopal presence to receive directives from the National Church and the Diocese of Eastern Oregon, articulating them to the members of the All Saints of the Cascades Episcopal Church; to organize representation to the Diocesan Convention; to fulfill all canonical responsibilities of an Episcopal parish; to meet quarterly and review the minutes of the monthly Management Board meeting.

  • Lutheran Council  |  Mark Baldwin, President (541-593-1818, mebbaldwin@gmail.com)

Purpose:  Serves as the Lutheran presence to receive directives from the National Church and the Lutheran Synod of Oregon, articulating them to the members of the Shepherd of Mountains Lutheran Church; to organize representation at the Synodical Assembly; to fulfill all requirements of a Lutheran congregation.


  • Altar Guild
  • Greeters & Ushers
  • Lay Readers
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