Hwy 97 Clean Up 2021

NOTE: Please let Dave Drescher know if you can help because no in-person church services mean no sign-up sheets!
Email: dnadrescher@gmail.com or Cell: 503-475-5500

All days are Thursdays.
May 20 — July 15 — September 23
We may try to squeeze in a couple more clean-ups as needed.

Meet at SCF parking lot no later than 8:30 am. Bring gloves, a hat, and water.

Hwy 97 Clean Up — Social distancing guidance:

Option 1 – If using two vehicles, immediate family members can share space in vehicles.
Option 2 – If using two vehicles and not immediate family members, then one person could sit in the back seat with both folks wearing masks. Very short time in the vehicle together.
Option 3 – If using just one vehicle, walk up and back to the vehicle. (This option is not preferred because your back would be to traffic).

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Contact team leader:
David Drescher: 503-475-5500 — dnadrescher@gmail.com