A Promise of Health – SCF International Impact

Sunriver Christian Fellowship is proud to be a contributor to “A Promise of Health”, in Oaxaca, Mexico. The Fellowship has donated to sustain this clinic for the past several years.  The International Mission Committee and SCF Endowment Fund are the sources of the donations. Gary and Shirley Carlson, members of SCF, have a personal connection to the clinic and Dr. Medina which makes the mission even more meaningful.

A PROMISE OF HEALTH today delivers desperately needed health care to indigenous families living in rural Oaxaca, Mexico. The clinic opened April 10, 2010 in a remodeled government building. That was the day that Dr. Soledad Ramirez Medina began her first day. Since then, Dr. Medina has treated more than 39,000 patients who come from Ayoquezco and 24 surrounding communities!

A PROMISE OF HEALTH has brought quality homeopathic health care to rural indigenous populations living in Yucatan and Oaxaca Mexico. Living in remote villages, many indigenous people have no dependable health care. Doctors with medicine do not travel to them. If they are sick and in need of medical help, they must go to the doctors who often are many miles away – an impossible distance to travel especially for the very poor.

A PROMISE OF HEALTH brings the doctor and medicine to Oaxaca’s indigenous families. What is unique is that A PROMISE OF HEALTH’s doctor lives in the rural communities they serve!

Before A PROMISE OF HEALTH, people who lived in these communities had no dependable healthcare. Today many depend upon the APOH doctor and her medicine. In APOH’s nearly 12 years in Oaxaca, thousands of people have sought medical help in our clinics! Using reliable and safe Homeopathic Medicine, Dr. Soledad treats both physical and mental illness. Ailments she has treated include more than 90 types of chronic and acute illnesses. This natural approach to medical care appeals to native people. It is something they appreciate and trust.

“I want you to know that this is my GOLDEN DREAM. What I most want is to return to my home town of Yanhuitlán. There I want to establish a homeopathic clinic for A PROMISE OF HEALTH.
It would be a small clinic that WILL REMAIN THERE FOR GENERATIONS TO COME FOR THOSE MOST IN NEED. This is what I want more than anything.”

It was a dreary time, with the Covid Pandemic in full swing. Many pueblos were shut down including Ayoquezco. For the past year, Dr. Soledad had pleaded with the municipal government to make much needed and neglected repairs to her crumbling clinic that had suffered greatly from 2 Oaxaca earthquakes, but her pleas fell upon deaf ears. When she could no longer bear the government’s inaction and its Covid rules made it difficult for patients to visit the clinic, she decided it was time to return to the town of her birth.

To make her point, she purchased some land in the center of town and wrote to A PROMISE OF HEALTH’s directors that there she wanted to build the clinic of her dreams. In her words, “It will be my “Golden Dream. It will be a small clinic that will remain there for generations to come for those most in need.”

A PROMISE OF HEALTH’s directors were moved by her determination and unanimously voted to help. Much more communication followed as an architect was found, the clinic’s design was agreed upon and a builder was located. On January 4, 2021, with help from A PROMISE OF HEALTH, construction of the clinic began. During the next 15 months Dr. Soledad’s A PROMISE OF HEALTH clinic emerged, rising as A BEACON OF HOPE for these Mixtec communities!

Soon the newly constructed clinic shall open its doors and those needing medical care will come. Help Dr. Soledad and A PROMISE OF HEALTH fulfill our promise to help this Mixtec community in rural Oaxaca, Mexico.