Pastor’s Letter – January 2024

Dear Family:

As we put 2023 in our rear-view mirror, we will take this opportunity to reflect on what Sunriver Christian Fellowship has accomplished “last year” in our attempt to carry out “God’s work with our hands”.

First, and most notably, we said farewell to our beloved Nancy McGrath Green in June. After leading the SCF “flock” for more than 30 years of dedicated service, she entered the next chapter of her life as she retired. We all miss her, of course, but love that she and Roy can somewhat relax in their more mature lives.

Most people would probably rank next in our hierarchy of accomplishments that we completed our first full year in our new building’s sanctuary, and although that is a grand acknowledgment; knowing the SCF family as we do, we would suggest that the gifts of our worship together throughout the year was our next most rewarding achievement.

OK, enough with trying to rank what SCF has attained not only in 2023, but in years past.

We would like to shift gears to what SCF does well in our community and outside our community (in no particular order):

  1. Congregational Care – In spite of having Pastoral challenges during our transition period, SCF has accomplished excellent work in caring for our “flock”.
  2. Endowment – Thanks to our excellent Endowment Board we continue to help those in need locally, nationally, and internationally.
  3. Outreach – Our influence in helping others, especially within the Three Rivers community is beyond words…………UPCAP, Care and Share, Visions of Sugarplums, Woodchuckers, etc. SCF enriches many lives.
  4. Scholarships – Many young and not-so-young students have benefited from the endeavors of the SCF scholarship committee.
  5. Management – Both the Managing Board and the staff of SCF work hard to maintain the business health of SCF’s affairs. The financial health and general management have been and continue to be a priority so that SCF and all its blessings continue for years to come.
  6. Music and worship – So many appreciated talents are shared at SCF by members and nonmembers to enhance our worship experiences.
  7. Volunteers – Whenever a need arises, many raise their hands to help!!
  8. Stewardship – Time and talents are shared unselfishly…………thank you.
  9. Our new property and building have afforded us the opportunity to provide space for community gatherings, community volunteer fair(s), music events and even a space for a rotating exhibit art gallery. The future will probably allow for expanded use of our facilities for the good of our surrounding area.

We at SCF, however, are not exempt from earthly challenges; both new and old. Most specifically, the journey to find a new senior pastor continues. Although this is a daunting task, SCF’s Transition/Call Committee under Jenny Long’s leadership is diligently working towards that goal. We are in good hands!

Lastly, we would like to express our appreciation for the efforts of the Managing Board and those acting as support people to the MB in the continuing success of SCF. This year we say goodbye to two members of the MB who have contributed immensely to the success of the board……Linda Smith who has served for six years (three years as President) and Roy Green who has also served for six years and has done so many extra things for both the MB and SCF, we cannot begin to list them all. Additionally, we “allowed” Patty Smith to retire as the MB’s recording secretary; a job she has performed for many years. A well-deserved thank you to each of you for your service to the Managing Board and to your dedication to the success of SCF.

Blessing to you all,

Gene Krueger (on behalf of the SCF Managing Board)