Update from the Search/Call Committee – February 2024

The Search/Call Committee (formerly the Transition Call Committee) is still hard at work.  While it seems like a long time since Pastor Nancy retired, it has been only seven months and our work towards finding a new Senior pastor continues.

There have recently been some positive developments beginning with a Zoom meeting with Melissa Reed, the Lutheran Transition Officer.  The purpose of the meeting was to learn what the process would be over the next couple of months.  We talked about qualities we hope for in a new pastor and about how our committee can work together.  Melissa expressed the thought that our location and congregation, plus the fact that this is a full-time position, should prove  desirable to potential candidates.

Jenny Long subsequently had a phone conversation with both Melissa Reed and Marilyn Roth (the Episcopal Transition Officer), which was extremely productive.  Recognizing the work the committee and congregation have already done to start the search, it was decided that we can start accepting candidates!  This is wonderful news, as it moves us ahead a couple of months.  Our SCF profiles are available online and interested candidates can start the process.  The candidates will first be vetted by both the Lutheran Bishop’s office as well as the Episcopal Bishop’s office to ensure that their certification is up-to-date and that they are viable candidates.  The vetted applications will then be sent to us and we will consider the applicants and decide whom we should interview.

Please keep this committee and our church in your prayers as we continue to meet and work on writing and reviewing our interview process and questions.  If you have any questions, please feel free to talk with any of the committee members.